Centurion 5 miles – 3.11.19

Race report by Dave Phillips.

This was the 1st run in Centurion’s Grand Prix series of 6 races held each month and what great scenic events they are. Mind you Great Scenic and Chelmsley Wood is a complete oxymoron (a contradiction in terms).

However because these events are completely off road, two and a half times round the wooded park, lake, river, marshes, tracks and trails with wild life and waterfowl a plenty, you would think you were in deep countryside anywhere but where we actually were. In fact on my last lap as I passed the start area on the opposite side of the lake I thought I heard the runners clapping. Strange as the prize giving is back at the college HQ. However it was swans taking off and their flapping wings sounded like clapping. Really nice.

So 109 runners started (note this number) and most were from local clubs so it was a homely friendly event (as always) with the John Henry Newman College as the HQ. Showers and everything all for £6 if you entered on the day. Plus parking at the HQ makes this venue top of the list.

So a 5 minute jog to the start by the lake and lap 1 was a short 1 mile circuit followed by 2 laps of 2 miles each. The trails were stony, gravelly, muddy and even tarmac in places so all OK there. Plus it is absolutely flat all the way round so good news again.

Even the sun shone so all was good and eventually I overtook someone only for him to drop out. Then I caught up another runner but he was not in the event! So sweeper I was but as I told Cal Oddy who was in front of me that I deliberately did this to make sure she finished! Believe that or not.

So the final stretch down to the finish was lonely except for dog walkers but who cares it was another done.

Then back to the college for a shower, prize giving and raffle. I won a raffle prize which was a large bottle of Prosecco, so that’s Robina’s Xmas present sorted so a morning well spent.

Their next race in the series is 1/12/19.

Massey results:

45 Chris Foxall 38.52

107 Cal Oddy 57.12

108 Dave Phillips 62.05.