Centurion 5 miles – 15.3.20

 Race report by Dave Phillips.

 About 60+ of us from a variety of local clubs (5 Red and Whites) did what we always do on a Sunday-RUN! You could get far worse in C/Wood than coronavirus if you stopped running !

So I decided to self-isolate from the start and sweep along behind the others on my own. Well almost as a few others did accompany me for the 2 ½ laps round the lake and park. In reality this is really nice picturesque run all off road with lovely scenery and almost house free. In fact nature rules on this route with geese and swans a plenty on the water.

Plus on the last lap a mixed choir had assembled in the park and were in great voice so a first there. Not too sure where they came from-middle east I thought by their clothes but others thought eastern Europe. Anyway they were great.

So after the singing on lap 3 the end was about ½ a mile away so another Sunday well spent.

As usual in the HQ at the college afterwards there was the raffle (missed out again) and the prize giving so a morning enjoyed with others.

Massey Result.

Dave Phillips 63.42.