Bright10 10 – 16.10.16

Race Report by Jonathan Kingston

Although the weather report on the radio at 7am said that most of the country had a sunny morning,  Brighton was experiencing a wet, rainy and windy start.

It was still raining on arriving at the front,  but by 8.30am we were brave enough to ditch the coats and bags in order to be ready for the 9.00am start – dry now – but very windy.

The run takes you along the front towards Hove then doubles back along towards the marina,- flat for a good 2 miles – then rising twice until 4.5 miles at the marina. Then, mean people added another ‘hidden hill ‘ around the marina until mile 6.  After that, though,  a flattish run to the end towards Hove and back along the front.

No matter which way we faced, we always seemed to be running into the wind.  How does that happen?

It was a very friendly run – chatted to lots of folk; tried to use them as wind breaks although they kept running away.

The reward – a very ‘ blingy medal ‘ and drinks, oh and pretty reasonable times.

Jonathan and Katie Kingston