Boston (UK) Marathon – 14.4.19

Race report by Dave Phillips.

Well this was my 4th Boston (plus one over the water in USA) but what a killer it was. It started early at 0900 hrs so I went up on Sat and stayed there in the New England Hotel where on Sat. evening the organisers had organised a Meet and Greet party + food so that was great fun where I met many runners and families.

The start was in the Market Place in the town centre but after a mile or so you could have been in the middle of the desert. All there is round here are massive fields growing vegetables. No cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, hens or people! Also we didn’t pass any shops or pubs and even the farm houses were usually in the distance way off the roads. Also no hedges, trees, slopes, hills just thousands of acres of farm land stretching to the horizon for 360 degrees. The highest hill was when you stepped up the kerb from the road to the pavement!

In fact except for the start and finish the 24 miles between were identical. Just small flat traffic free roads with the fields coming right up to them with no hedges or fences. Weird or what. Traffic free probably because hardly anyone lives here except farmers.

Plus many of the huge fields were completely covered in plastic protecting the crops. Plastic free food- hmmmm!

Ah then there was the marathon of course. Well the weather was a killer with a freezing cold sideways on wind (40 MPH??) for the whole run. It blew East to West and we ran most of the was North and South so it was always hitting you sideways on or head on. Hardly ever behind us.

So we plodded on over the same type of terrain that at times it seemed like all we were doing was running up and down the same road in the same field. Boring or what-but a marathon at least!

The marshals (many in fancy dress including Santa) and drink stations were great but after 4 miles where the ½ runners split off I was almost on my own and hardly saw another runner ‘till 22 where I passed 2 who were in trouble. Those that I did see were probably 6+miles in front (or maybe behind???) as you could see for miles everywhere.

At least I was nearly home then at 25 I passed another and the end was in sight at the College. Then the usual large medal, T Shirt and a goodie bag with loads of sweets so well done everyone.

Boston is a lovely place but the half beckons next year!

So that’s 499 fulls done so roll on Stratford on 28thApril. c40 minute early unofficial start for me in disguise so that I make the cut off in time! See you there for the run and party after at Cox’s Yard.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 6hrs 13 mins.