Blackpool Half Marathon 26.04.15

Now where could you go to do a race and get “frostbite and sunburn all in one race”?
Of course Blackpool!
This was my second time there. 2003 I took part when it was staged in June on a day
when the mercury hit 85 degrees! So late April I thought be a nice spring day for run
along the fylde coast.
Sandy and myself arrived in Blackpool on the Friday while most of the country was
enjoying 18 degrees of warm spring sunshine. Blackpool had grey stormy skys and
was 8 degrees with wind chill of many degrees lower! Saturday was very wet with
a force 10 wind!
Sunday dawned with a clear blue sky, but I was not going to chance anything, I had
packed my race bag with every option. As I turned on to the promenade past the tower
to get to the start I was hit by a ice cold wind headwind! I took shelter and put on two
more layers also hat and gloves!
The Hilton hotel was race H.Q. and most of the 2,000 runners were taking shelter in
reception till the start.
So there I was on the start three layers, hat and gloves and of course shorts!! Well it
is late April! Sandy went off to catch the tram and the plan was to stage our own version
of race the tram to see which one of us would reach Starr Gate three miles into the course.
I managed to get to two and a half miles before being overtaken by Sandy on the tram!
The turn is at Starr Gate so I thought ill get him this time!
As the runners turned to head back along the front we were knocked backwards by the
force of the freezing headwind which felt like it was coming from Siberia!
I was feeling good so kept to my pace.
I heard the rattle of the tram behind me at six miles, and turned to see it go past with
Sandy waving having a great time!
At seven miles we joined the coastal path with great views over towards Morecambe
bay, but still going into the headwind. The course then turned back on itself at ten miles.
It was a much needed respite, but the last three miles were a struggle as energy seemed
to have left me. I don’t think I was alone on this as a few runners I noticed also having to
dig deep.
By now we were in a sheltered part of the course and you could feel the sun and effects
of windburn on your skin.
My finish time was 2.hrs 9mins. The course was described as flat and fast, but taking into
account the battle with the elements I was happy.
Its a well organised event value for money, tec t-shirt, medal in the shape of Blackpool tower.
Race report by Lesley Keighley.