Blackpool Half & Full Marathon – 22.4.18

Race Report by Jonathan Kingston

The Other Marathon (up north)

Katie and I went to a hot and sunny Blackpool on Saturday (like London) to find it wet, grey and windy by 9.30 Sunday morning – thank goodness.

So off we went, initially in different directions to ensure that the full marathon runners didn’t cut any corners, to join up at about 2 km in. Past the tower out, piers, rollercoasters, candy floss, chips and beer and the odd tram, up to Starr Gate where there is a loop round to return along the Promenade all the way up the hill to Bispham. A turn down to the lower promenade with 3 miles into a headwind to return to the finish for half marathoners (Katie included) and a stiff climb back to the higher route for the full marathoners, sadly another whole lap past the tower, piers, rollercoasters, candy floss chips, beer and more trams!

It’s a well organised run, this year the chip timing worked, lots of support in Blackpool, a great medal and lovely tee shirt, and surprisingly not as hot as London. Also much easier to get into! Well worth a try. And accommodation will be cheaper.

Jonathan – full marathon –  3 hours 47. 08 (a PB)

Katie  – half marathon –  2 hours 14.19