Bedford Twilight 10k – 31.8.19

Race Report by Paul Curtis

Di and I headed down to Bedford for the Twilight 10k, which was billed as “flat and fast” with pb potential.  With a 5:30pm start we set off early for a leisurely drive down the M1. The weather was meant to be set fair for the entire day. We opened the front to be greated by pouring rain. Joy!

We’d just driven by the Stretton island on the A45 when Di spotted a huge German Shepherd eating, what we can only imagine was road kill, by the central reservation. A quick call to a less than helpful 112 operator and we drove on with the knowledge the police were on their way.

Still raining as we went passed Watford Gap, Milton Keynes… We were starting to think it was going to be a soggy 10k. Which would have been a shame as Bedford is a running festival with races on  Saturday and Sunday with beer and food stalls catering for spectators and runners all afternoon. As we approached Bedford the rain clouds parted and the hazy sunshine came through.

We parked up at one of the event car parks and set off to the park and festival ground… If ever you want a pre-race warm up this 15 mins walk should do the trick. We had plenty of time.

After a look at the food stall to pick out post race dinner we picked up our race numbers and dropped our bag in the very well organised bag drop. After a quick warm up headed to the start.

The start was, allegedly, a wave start. Which translated meant, get in a rough order then everyone files off. Which made it very congested for those runners near to the back. The first corral was sub-54 min 10k. The first time I’d ever been in the first corral in any race… Result, off with the quicks.

So the flat, and fast 10k began. The first K was along a narrow park footpath before… arrgh… A long grass section… Err grass doesn’t equal fast. Over the grass and onto some traily stuff. How is this ever going to be fast I thought. The pace was still good so I cracked on.

Next we hit the park pavement again. Right, time to make hay. The route took us round a lovely park, with some people kayaking. Who thought Bedford was nice? Well, this part was.

After about 7k we left the paved roads and back on to grass, followed by trail until 8k where there was a 1k out and back, where you could see the finish line, it was in a field, on grass. Joy!

Legs already on fire I dug in again. Hoping that a PB was still on.

Onto the grass finish, this was going to hurt, but that feeling you get when you see the finish line and just hang on for dear life.

PB… Another 13 secs shaved off.

After not too long a wait, Di finished in a time to be pleased with. A free pint or Erdinger at the finish and snaffle as many freebies as you wanted we headed for the food.

Top nosh, and a highly recommended running event.