Badgers Atherstone 10k – 27.8.17

Race Report by Michael Hammond

I have to admit to not looking forward to this race one bit ! Speaking to running colleagues about it their reaction was always a remark about how hilly it is ! I signed up for it quite a while ago and it fitted nicely into my half marathon training. Doing Parkrun the day before was a questionable decision.

There was a great atmosphere as the ‘Massey many’ submerged on Atherstone to collect their race numbers and pose for photos; including one with a very chilled out Badger !

I started the race from the back; knowing that I could start at a slow pace and maybe gradually get a little faster near the end. The hills were steep and numerous. However what goes up must come down and I really enjoyed the sprints down hill…. Once again I found myself repeatedly passing people that had run passed me as I walked some of the inclines.

One or two of the stewards put the others to shame with their exuberant encouragement.. and some of the spectators looked like they needed face transplant to achieve a smile ! I suppose the race was interrupting their tranquil Sunday morning ; and the views on an amazingly sunny day were wonderful.

The race was really well organised and I appreciated the; banana, water, sweeties, T-shirt, and of course the medal at the end :which I managed with a sprint finish in 01:06:0