Another Welsh Double – 23.9.17 & 24.9.17

Race report by Dave Phillips.

Colby Gardens 5k – Saturday 23.9.17

Summer is over so only around 50 did this fabulous Park Run in the National Trust grounds near Amroth. This has been Pembrokeshire’s only Park Run venue but also on 23/9 a new venue opened with its inaugural Park Run at Haverfordwest so now we have 2. Guess I really should have crossed over the Cleddau Estuary and done that one instead but at least I came 1st in my age category at Colby (probably the only one in it more like!).

Massey/Pembrokeshire Harriers time:

Dave Phillips 39.26.

Pembrokeshire half marathon, Dale – Sunday 24.9.17

Another beautiful event up and over the rugged Pembrokeshire coastal lanes but what a killer. Dale, a tiny village, is on the sea front so you can guess the rest so you can’t get any lower. The 1st 3 miles were in dreadful wet and windy and low cloud weather and it takes you up very steep climbs to St. Anne’s lighthouse on top of the very high cliffs and if you carry on here the next stop is America (or Ireland if you go off course). The views are usually stunning up here but  you couldn’t even see the sea as the clouds and sea mist and rain obliterated everything from view. Pity. So as I didn’t fancy a high dive and a swim I followed the course back to Dale where again it was all uphill to Marloes at the 9 mile mark. Again on top of even higher cliffs.

Then at least a gentle jog down through Marloes at 10 then all up and down (very severely up in parts) to 12 then up and down to the finish at Dale.

At least the rain had ceased by the end but this was –as always-a real toughie.

Guess I’ll be back next year.

Massey/Pembs Harriers time:

Dave Phillips 3hrs 1 minute.