Alcester 10k – 6.10.19

Race report by David Phillips.

This run has to be at the very top of all the runs I’ve done. Why? Well it started in the closed off centre of lovely town of Alcester just near the church. Over 1,000 took part and with families, residents, onlookers, marshals, it was just crazy but great fun. Then 10 minutes before the start there was a warm up for everyone-more madness.

Then off we went out of town on beautiful country roads and lanes all closed to traffic so what more could you ask for on a Sunday?

Lovely villages all the time-Little Alne, Walcote then Oversley Green towards the finish.

There were water and sweet stations a plenty then at c7k Hogan’s Cider drink station. Next year I may call it a day here and walk in after a long pause!

At last we were back in the closed off centre of lovely Alcester to the finish line with hundreds of supporters. No one wanted to go because apart from medals and T shirts there were apples, bananas and free beer (albeit it alcohol free but it was super), shops and cafes and pubs open so a great Sunday.

So next year this is a must.

So well done to Martine and her Raceways company for putting on this stunning event and of course your Leamington ½ marathon earlier on.

But for all you Massey runners, Martine and Raceways are putting on the Inaugural Warwick Grand National 7k Run on Warwick Racecourse on 5/4/20 –the day after the Grand National and the rules are you dress as horses!! So diary date this and look it up on Raceways web site. A must for everyone. Just a jog with hurdles no doubt.

Massey time:  Dave Phillips 76.45.