Abingdon Marathon – 22.10.17

Race report by Dave Phillips.

 Think this was my 29th Abingdon but it seems to get harder. The breathing, Brian’s wind, cold weather made it a toughie despite it being the flattest in the UK. The trouble is there is a 5 hr time limit and so loads of normal runners don’t enter it. So why did I? Well gone are the regular 3.20 Abingdon days but I know the race director very well and he said “Dave start when you like and hand your time in”. Well it was dark when I got there at 0715 so I went off at 0800 hrs and had the place to myself until the leaders passed me at about 1000 hrs.

But again it was a race walk/jog event because of the lungs not functioning too well. At least I had an X-ray/Scan at Strafford on Friday so we will wait and see the results. Anyone know of a 2nd hand lung shop?

The course is a single 6 mile lap then 2  8 mile laps then a final 4 mile route along the Thames in Abingdon and back to the Tilsley park Athletics stadium for the finish.

A good course with several miles off road but on paths and stoney trails through the many lakes and reservoirs in the area. No problems with traffic and many roads were closed so all in all a superbly organised event with more marshals than in any other race I think. So well done the organisers.

As I said the trouble with the 5 hr time limit it restricts the race to the faster runners whereas in most marathons loads come in between 5 and 6 hrs.

In my case although I started an hour early all but 6 or so passed me although I had more compliments for race walking it than I ever did when I ran. Hmm could keep this up.

Anyway that’s another done and a medal and T Shirt to prove it.

So Snowdonia next Saturday ( my 30th) and  with 12 miles of uphill (all severe) I guess there will be many walkers. Hope so.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 6.23.