3rd Midland Women’s League XC Fixture, Gloucester – 16.01.16

Our enthusiastic coach arrived just after 1pm ready to get on the start line, the ladies exited the coach first as their race started at 1:30pm

Changing and toilet facilities were basic but good, marshals were a plenty and the atmosphere was buzzing, time for a quick warm up and head to the start line.

The going was very muddy but not wet, the terrain was mainly grass with just a few paths to cross over, the first small lap was easy as it was all on grass, the 2nd and 3rd laps were longer and took a steep slope next to the running track, I found this very hard to manage as I just kept running down the slope rather than across it.  I finished last but am just glad I finished as I haven’t taken part in a XC race in over a year and only attended 1 XC training session this season.

The men’s race was very exciting, they took on the same course as the ladies but had 3 of the longer laps instead of 2, lots of MFRC men taking part and they all looked strong as they ran past.

A fantastic race and brilliant venue

Race Report:- Elaine

Massey Ferguson Individual Placings

81Cathy McKeown00:29:28
226Lisa Young00:33:58
231Marion Jennette00:34:08
248Wendy Foxall00:35:12
252Carol Martin00:35:23
259Sheila Johnson00:36:00
260Debbie Davis00:36:14
262Alison Lowe00:36:17
266Cathy Keay00:36:31
269Anna Towey00:37:16
275Sarah Prescott00:38:12
280Nicky Ellis00:43:07
281Elaine Robinson00:46:28