2nd Midland Women’s League XC Fixture, Cofton Park – 05.12.15

Ladies 2nd XC

18 Ladies tackled the second race of the XC season.  It was a very blustery day, but at least it was dry and there was no ditch to jump into like Newbold Comyn, although there were hills, but this also meant downhills !!!

We all got ready in the hedge, sheltering in between two other clubs tents, the customary photo was taken and we dashed off to the start.

The runners set off on two laps, the first slightly shorter, the ground was ideal for XC, with only a few patches of mud, but the wind was the real tester this time, in some places it was so strong you were literally running on the spot and it was easier to stand still than be blown backwards.

The hardest part of the course was “the hill” and although it was manageable on the first lap, by the second time it seemed twice as steep.  The Massey’s support crew on the course was great and it kept you going through the tough parts.  The downhill finish was great and the support from the other MF ladies who had finished was excellent.

It was great to have so many ladies out running in this event, and a special mention to Lisa Kenny, Mo Smith, and Marion Jennette who were competing in XC for the first time, and a welcome back for the 2015/16 season to Virginia, Kathy J, Sheila, Carol, Sylvia, Mylene and myself –hopefully we will have as many running in the next race at Gloucester.

Team Standings – 25th out of 35 teams

Masters Team Standings – 24th out of 32 teams

Massey Ferguson Individual Placings

95Virginia Silio00:28:10
114Marie Edmunds00:28:46
183Paula Shore-Marston00:30:38
202Rebecca  Raper00:31:22
203Cathy McKeown00:31:25
278Marion  Jennette00:35:14
282Cristina Semple00:35:27
299Lisa Young00:36:10
301Cathy Keay00:36:21
307Kathy  James00:36:41
308Sheila Johnson00:36:43
313Carol Martin00:37:14
321Lisa Kenny00:38:05
329Alison  Lowe00:38:51
330Sarah  Prescott00:38:52
332Sylvia Guthrie00:39:20
338Mo Smith00:40:07
354Mylene Feeney00:45:46