15th Kingsbury Classic 10k 12.05.15

Described as a picturesque multi-terrain race of approximately 10kms, run on woodland paths, trails and paths around the lakes & pools of the water park. And it was exactly this and on a fabulously warm and sunny evening.

Around 120 runners took part with the usual Massey contingent (5 of us) and as usual the team photo was taken at the start by Andy with fellow film stars Steve, Mylene, Emma and me).

This sort of event beats road running because of the beauty, water birds galore, being traffic free and the sheer feeling of being just a part of nature.

However as usual on each of the two laps down by the river, nature was at “full belt” as the midges and mosquitoes swarmed around all over the place so breathing by mouth was a “no no”-unless you like fresh midges that is. I copped the usual mouthful and spent the rest of lap 2 trying to spit them out. All part of the deal with evening runs.

A superbly well marshalled event made sure that we all stayed on course so well done to everyone here. Then the prize giving in the café afterwards made for a very friendly event.

Massey times:

Steve Damms 41.42

Andy Cutting 50.14

Dave Phillips 65.20

Mylene Feeney 68.00-approx only

Emma Cutting 71.12


Report by Dave Phillips.