Mens Cross Country Roll Call!

So we wake up on Monday morning 6th Oct and it’s dark, cold, wet and windy…and the leaves continue to fall from the trees…it must be the start of the cross country season! Welcome to the real sport for toughies… that’s those of you with the strength, endurance, grit and determination to complete a Birmingham League Cross Country Course…that surely must include every man who has joined Massey Ferguson’s Running Club!!

Dates and Venues for this season’s campaign are:

1. 8th November Leamington Newbold Comyn.

2. 6th December Aldridge.

3. 10th January Droitwich.

4. 7th February Coventry Wyken Common.

The first League event, at Leamington, is the combined fixture of all three divisions, consisting of approx 52 clubs and 700+ runners, in what is always a very competitive race.

If the Club has aspirations to (re)gain promotion to Division 2 we need everyone’s support for the first fixture – there is little chance of playing catchup in the remaining fixtures. My mole tells me that Northbrook and Sphinx have been seen training on the Newbold course already!

I believe Massey’s are in a stronger position now, compared to last year, to mount and sustain a strong challenge. Fitness, stamina and experience have improved appreciably among the Massey membership and the arrival of new faces has lifted confidence.

Remember, each race is held on a SATURDAY, with a 2.30pm start. I have to submit a list of all those wishing to run, to the League, by 25th October. I will include on that list those who have run in the past and I would like to hear from new members of their desire to run (or not!).

With regards, Derek Burns (XC Manager).

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