Massey 10k 2023 Cancelled

Since the last Massey 10k at Stoneleigh in April 2022, we have been looking for a new venue to work with as the NAEC venue informed us post-race that they were no longer hosting running events.

We had a positive dialogue with the team at Draycote Water in mid 2022 and had scoped out a route that would have given us what we believed to be a great new event for 2023. The original plan was to have the race in Spring 2023, however the team at Draycote made us aware that due to some significant maintenance works it was more favourable to host the race in Autumn 2023, when the works were to be completed.

Unfortunately, these works have overran which was out of the control of the team at Draycote Water, and as a consequence they are not able to host any events before March 2024.

We have been trying to seek an alternative venue and had considered the War Memorial Park to put on a race, however, trying to find a date in late September through to November was almost impossible due to the clashes with other races, relay and cross country events. Therefore, at our club committee meeting on 2nd October we have made the decision not to host a race in 2023. I can assure you this is as frustrating for us as it is for the local running community. As club volunteers we wanted to get the best race on we can and held off to seek out options to host an alternative.

We expect to be back in 2024 with a new race that we can be proud of.

Thanks for your patience and understanding in this matter.

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