40 years and still running further



This year our club will celebrate its 40th birthday party which is pretty special, throughout the year we’ll be celebrating this landmark anniversary in a number of ways, but I guess the first step is to step back and recognise what an amazing achievement getting to forty actually is first.

Founded in the same year that Fleetwood Macs iconic album “Rumours'” was gracing the charts, you could be forgiven in thinking that some of the great songs from that famous album seem to have been written for our members including “Never going back again”  “go your own way ” and  “Don’t stop” to name a few.

The first ever “Star Wars” was at the cinema. and who could deny that this famous quote from the film wasn’t made for most of us at some point!
“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

Over the last 40 years the club has seen many changes and weathered many a storm, including the loss of the Sports Pavilion through fire and the closure of the Coventry Massey Ferguson Plant. But despite these setbacks, the committee still meets every month, club members train and compete in races on a regular basis and we still host three well-supported races that seem to be growing in popularity each year. 

The club seems to be ageing rather nicely too as we enter our fortieth year, with membership steadily increasing and great improvements in the regional team road relays and cross country leagues.

You will start to notice our new 40th anniversary logo on all our communications that we’ve had designed to commemorate our achievement, and the committee have started putting their heads together to see what other things we can come up with to celebrate our anniversary year, we’re certainly open to any suggestions or ideas you may have to help us!

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