A message from the Captain..

Thank you very much to everyone who ran at Gloucester on Saturday, as well as those who turned out to support and volunteer on a cold and wet afternoon. The recent death of Terry Brown cast a shadow on the occasion, and many of us missed his and Chris’s great support around the course, and will do for many years to come. Martin Smith spoke eloquently to the whole field before the race and it was lovely to see everyone giving Terry a round of applause before we headed off around a pretty wet and boggy course.

I was lucky enough to get to know Terry and Chris well over the last few years, and was always encouraged by their incredible support at club races across the region, as well as even being cheered on by Terry on a training run up the Kenilworth road on one occasion! During one good chat over a pint last year, he explained that when he was asked to join the club and be chairman he said he would only do it if the club was run more on the lines of a rugby club, rather than traditional staid running club. This meant a strong social aspect, involving families and lots of tours to build that culture (and the red and white quarters strip, as Terry Lawson mentioned Saturday night).

We are lucky that legacy survives in our unique club with the great social culture that persists, but the representation element of this is also very important which means trying to support club races whenever we can. Massey Ferguson only enter one league and it is only 4 races a year, we had over 40 male runners throughout the season so well done to everyone who gave up their time and supported the club. It is still less than half the members though so we encourage everyone to try and get along to a race next season and experience running for Massey in the league. We welcome everyone, whatever your speed or standard!

Despite a few dropouts, Massey “A” had a respectable finish and overall secured safety in 11th position of 17. Massey “B” finished a very credible 6th out of 13 teams. Massey have struggled to stay in Division 2 in recent years so to consolidate was a great achievement, and hopefully we can build on this and progress up the league next year with some new additions and improvements in the squad. It would be great to see some of the B team knocking on the door of the counters next year.

I would like to recognise a few people for their contributions this season:

Well done to everyone who ran throughout the season, and in particular those who ran in all 4 races including Dean Clarke, Dave Clarke, Ian Redford, Mick O’Shea, Dean Semple, Jamie Turner, Richard Taylor. Steve Mumford, Richard Lapworth, Martin Judge, Martin Smith, Graham Patton, Daniel Connolly, Dave Phillips.

Well done to Dean Clarke who only joined towards the end of last year and won the aggregate trophy, fantastic season Dean. Also to Mick O’Shea who crossed the divide from Northbrook and was a counter in every race despite battling through illness at times (and lost shoes!)

Jamie Turner for improving in every race with a season best 124 on Saturday, pushing the top 6 next year I hope.

Special mention for Daniel Connolly who pitched up for every race, as well as doing the Warwickshire Championships in early January, and helping arrange training sessions around Hearsall Common which included marking a course out and providing refreshments. Daniel would admit he won’t be troubling the counters, but shows tireless commitment and a superb attitude to the club, my vote for club person of the year!

And finally to all our amazing supporters and volunteers who turn out in all weathers and don’t even get the glory of running, and keeping warm! In particular Norman Jarvis, Terry Harvey, John Grady, John Aylmer, Chris and Terry Brown, John Peavoy and of course last but not least Derek Burns without which it wouldn’t happen. Even if you really cannot bring yourself to run, you can still support or volunteer, and the league really needs the help.


Many thanks
Ross Cooper


PS Thanks to everyone who voted for me as runner of the year, I really appreciate the recognition J



Senior Men Series Points 

Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Total

A Team

1              Cannock&Staffs                                101         234         206         147         688

2              RSC                                                        201         211         204         101         717

3              Knowle & Dorridge RC                   182         131         264         148         725

4              Leamington C & AC                        190         219         129         187         725

5              Bournville                                           247         180         237         271         935

6              Worcester                                          225         226         210         327         988

7              C.L.C. Striders                                   282         382         293         195         1152

8              Tamworth AC                                   181         361         395         507         1444

9              Trentham RC                                     587         324         260         388         1559

10           Gloucester AC                                  495         419         379         320         1613

11           Massey Ferguson RC                     475         363         399         495         1732

12           Stratford upon Avon AC               317         383         393         651         1744

13           Amazing Feet                                   422         355         409         581         1767

14           Dudley& Stourbridge                    690         548         373         327         1938

15           Black Pear Joggers                          617         525         509         343         1994

16           Newcastle (Staffs) AC                    555         492         479         525         2051

17           West Bromwich Harriers               1103       1041       2144


B Team


1              Leamington C & AC                         480         604         586         577         2247

2              Knowle & Dorridge RC                   587         427         736         718         2468

3              Worcester                                           590         651         581         691         2513

4              Bournville                                            611         621         738         708         2678

5              RSC                                                        646         778         778         613         2815

6              Massey Ferguson RC                      834         775         773         778         3160

7              Black Pear Joggers                           1141       1108       1169       904         4322

8              Gloucester AC                                   830         843         693         2366

9              Stratford upon Avon AC                781         850         860         2491

10           C.L.C. Striders                                    1083       1003       978         3064

11           Cannock&Staffs                                536         536

12           Tamworth AC                                    782         782

13           Trentham RC                                      934         934

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